Below are some great 5-star testimonials from Shelly’s clients.

“Prior to coming to Total Radiance, laser treatments administered elsewhere had damaged my skin. Now, after only three treatments, combined with the Total Radiance home care plan, my skin has healed 60%. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with these results.”

— Robin Trudman, Chicago IL

“If you are PURELY & GENUINELY seeking to look years younger while supplying your entire body with the best Organic Serums and technique, this is your place. Everything about this experience, including Shelly who tends to your youthful soul & spirit through her technique & products, Turns Back the Hands of Time. My face is glowing with delight!”

— Celeste W., Chicago, IL

“I’ve been getting facial treatments from Shelly at Total Radiance for over a year now. This is the way to go if you are looking for an alternative to surgical facial treatments. They not only have helped my skin tone even out, but the fine lines on my face have decreased. The serums that I have been using are totally pure and in addition to the treatments make my skin feel and look younger. A secondary benefit is the treatments are amazingly relaxing!”

— Karyn S., Chicago, IL

“I have been to many spas for different types of facials to improve my skin… Until I found Shelly at Total Radiance, NOTHING COMPARES… Her Myopulse facial treatments really improve the overall appearance of your skin… Shelly is very knowledgeable about skin and is very particular on the products she allows her clients to put on their skin… IT WORKS!!! Long story short, a Plastic Surgeon wanted to give me an intensive peel to take layers off of my face to improve my skin… I trusted Shelly to accomplish the same thing without having to endure intense pain and extreme measures… I would absolutely recommend Shelly at Total Radiance to anyone…”

— M.N., Chicago, IL

“The treatments are incredible! The experience is always relaxing and my face looks amazingly refreshed afterwards. I highly recommend Shelly and Myopulse.”

— Kathy N., Chicago, IL

“The Myopulse treatment, Shelly’s demeanor and conversation and entire experience had me feeling more complete and relaxed.”

— John Ruh, Chicago, IL

“I’ve brought plenty of products and facial treatments from Total Radiance and they are great! The products helped my skin a lot and I felt rejuvenated after using these products. I use to have these black spots on my face and forehead and these Osmosis Products helped me out alot….and made my skin tone even out. I highly recommend that people use these products!”

— Shirley M., Chicago, IL

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